Monday, February 14, 2011

More Scandal for the Watseka Fire Department

By Gus Swenson

In a previous article, "Drunken Watseka Fire Department" we showed a disturbing photograph of the members of the Watseka fire department. At least one of the men dressed in uniform have been identified as Paul Parlich. We will posting the names as they become available. What a disgrace and waste of taxpayers money. We understand that the fire department has 24 volunteer members, but it is still costing our town to train them, and pay for their uniforms that they have disgraced. What kind of example does this set for our young people and what does other communities think about us when they see images like this of what are supposed to be our most upstanding citizens?

This comes after the controversy that resulted in a long session of the Watseka City Council to discuss city personnel. You'll all remember the April 10, 2010 wedding of firefighter Tim Mayotte, son of the fire chief Dave Mayotte. Mayotte used the city fire truck for his personal use at his wedding. Other stories have surfaced about officials using other city equipment for personal use, including the scanners, radios and police background checks.

The photos that we have are of another fireman's gathering at a local pub. Paul Parlich is featured as is his wife Heidi, who while dancing the drunken jig had reportedly just had back surgery and filed for disability. Take a good look at these, folks, at least two men in these photographs are wearing the blue Watseka firefighter's uniforms.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Drunken Watseka Fire Department

 By Gus Swenson

They say pictures are worth a thousand words. Unfortunately, not all of them superlatives. While the town of Watseka is in its worst financial shape in history, our fire department thinks nothing of spending foolishly on their drunken night on the town.